I’m a multidisciplinary artist, born and based in Manchester.

My practice explores the fascination I have with energy; from the physical, emotional to the metaphysical. This interest comes from the stance of a disabled person living with an energy limiting illness which leaves me mainly housebound. Forced to spend most of my time in solitude, due to symptoms, and removed from the intensity of modern urban life, this allows me to connect to a different time, space and rhythm from the outside world.

The pieces capture the marks of ephemeral entities, energies and the otherworldly. The different styles produced are led by the various materials used, however each one has a distinctive lightness and flow. The works are often layered and intricate but always pulling from intuition and the unseen. My preferred method is automatism, the same process loved by the spiritualists and surrealists. Using different esoteric practices in my daily life and during the art making process, as I work ethereal marks are made.

Many artists intrigue me; Leonara Carrington, Ithell Colquhoun, Guo Fengyi, Madge Gill, Georgiana Houghton, Wangechi Mutu, Christine Selafosha, and Remedios Varo are among the most captivating.

Due to my lived experience as a disabled woman and self-taught artist, I feel compelled to challenge the deeply ingrained ableism within the art world that stubbornly persists. This has created another facet of artistic interest in producing socially driven work. This involves a research-led practice with disabled, deaf, visually impaired and neurodivergent creatives to show institutions and curators new ways of embedding access at the inception of creation.

Since becoming a working artist in 2021, my work has been featured in exhibitions at fairs and museums, such as Halle Saint Pierre, Paris and the Outsider Art Fair, NYC. Works are held in public and private collections internationally, including The College of Psychic Studies, London.

Represented by The Jennifer Lauren Gallery.


There’s Something in There, Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, Jennifer Lauren Galley
Why We Linger, Darbyshire Framers, London, Jennifer Lauren Gallery
Outsider Art Fair, New York, Jennifer Lauren Gallery
Agora Digital, Metaverse

Creative Spirits, The College of Psychic Studies, London
Outsider Art Fair, New York, Jennifer Lauren Gallery
The Dove - A Sign of Peace and Hope, European Outsider Art Association, Virtual
Recollections May Vary , Group Exhibition Mental Health Museum, Wakefield
Another Space Within, Group Online Exhibition, Outside In
Labyrinth, The Void Collective, Sharp Gallery, Brixton

Shapes & Patterns in Creativity, Group Exhibition, Yellow Edge Gallery, Portsmouth

Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice

Support for a period of R&D exploring the melding of physical and digital processes. Researching the lack of accessibility in digital installations. Developing the subtle embedding of access from the inception of creation across projection, audio & vibrational soundscapes.

2021 Winner of The College of Psychic Studies summer competition. Work acquired for their permanent collection


2023 Finalist ‘Culture Champion,’ Upcoming She Inspires Awards

Podcasts & Talks
2021 Podcast Guest on The Art Newspaper, discussing disability, art and the pandemic
2021 Podcasts for Working Class Women's Website with Charlotte Cooper and Marina Raven White
2020, Make It Work, Talk at Sussex University, Brighton CAA

2021 Commissions for Working Class Women's Website
2021, Research work acquired for The Mental Health Museum, Wakefield
2020 Outside In, Artist of the Month

The Art Newspaper
Brut Journal
Antiques and the Arts

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Contact: caramac22@hotmail.com