I’m a disabled, self-taught, mainly housebound, visual artist. My practice involves traversing the different dimensions my mind lives in, intuitively connecting with energies internally and externally. Using watercolour, dip pen, digital projection, clay or textiles each material adds a different component and quality. My main process is automatism, so no planning or sketching before I work. I’m drawn by the material on any given day, which is led by my energy levels and illness. Being self taught and disabled means I have my own visual language. No tutor has broken me down and built me back up in any school of thought or practice, I don’t imitate or emulate. This is a huge strength in my eyes.

There is a lot of whimsical animism in my work created by the layering methods I use. My process allows a purely instinctive play, my hand dancing in all directions adding the marks, forming the clay or laying effects. As an automatic artist I'm constantly surprised and intrigued by all the beings and entities that appear without intention.

Art allows me to travel in ways I no longer can due to being mainly housebound. There is flow and energy and movement, everything my illness has taken away. My practice abstractly expresses my lived experience of disability. Sitting at the intersection of a number of barriers to the mainstream art world, I'm passionate about addressing this through my work and collaborations. 

Should you wish to purchase any work, please contact Jennifer Gilbert at info@jenniferlaurengallery.com.
Or do feel free to contact me directly at caramac22@hotmail.com with a clear title so I don't miss your email. I'd love to have discussions around collaborations, commissions and exhibitions.


Contact: caramac22@hotmail.com


July 1-31August 2023 There’s Something in There, Halle Saint Pierre, Paris 18eme

June 2023 Why We Linger, Derbyshire Framers, London

2023 Outsider Art Fair, New York, Jennifer Lauren Gallery

2023 Dreams, Agora Digital, Metaverse 

2022 Creative Spirits, The College of Psychic Studies, London

2022 Outsider Art Fair, New York, Jennifer Lauren Gallery

2022 The Dove - A Sign of Peace and Hope, European Outsider Art Association, Virtual

2022 Recollections May Vary , Group Exhibition Mental Health Museum, Wakefield

2022 Another Space Within, Group Online Exhibition, Outside In

2022 Labyrinth, The Void Collective, Sharp Gallery, Brixton

2021 Shapes & Patterns in Creativity, Group Exhibition, Yellow Edge Gallery, Portsmouth


2022  DYCP from the Arts Council, England. Exploring mixing physical and digital art, researching accessibility within the arts


August 2021 Winner of The College of Psychic Studies summer competition. Work acquired for their permanent collection

Podcasts & Talks

2021 Podcast Guest on The Art Newspaper, discussing disability, art and the pandemic

2021 Podcasts for Working Class Women's Website with Charlotte Cooper and Marina Raven White

2020, Make It Work, Talk at Sussex University


2021 Commissions for Working Class Women's Website

2021, Research work acquired for The Mental Health Museum, Wakefield

2020 Outside In,  Artist of the Month