Polymer moulds to the heat of my hands, which I can then form fluidly to create all the undulating forms.  To make this material more sustainable, I reuse the pieces to create various installations in response to different subjects. . These white clay configurations are created by stacking, interlocking and balancing separate pieces on each other without any adhesive, reflecting the delicate equilibrium of life through illness and the fragility of the everyday. I usually make a couple of new pieces for every new installation. I then dismantle and create the next one, reusing the old pieces. This is another material that I use automatically with no sketching or planning.

I work in polymer clay due to my disability. I am unable to use
standard clay as I don't have the muscle force to work, prime or move it. Also as someone who is in the main housebound this material can be fired at home in the oven. It goes far, so it is accessible to me on many levels, including financially. I love taking this material that is usually used in craft and creating porcelain like sculptural work.

I remain on the look out for a material that will be more sustainable whilst accessible to my physical needs.